Chamomile Tea for Women

Chamomile tea has proven itself as one of the most popular teas on the market today, frequently enjoyed by tea drinkers worldwide. While Chamomile tea has many medicinal properties that can help with a variety of symptoms, people should always learn about the possible benefits and detriments of a substance before ingesting it. This article serves to inform women of the positive and negative effects that drinking chamomile tea can have on bodily functions and other considerations associated with the tea.

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Chamomile and the Female Reproductive System

In Germany, chamomile is often referred to as the “mother herb,” an acknowledgment of its ability to help with feminine disorders. Chamomile tea can prove useful as a muscle relaxant, and more specifically for women as an emmenagogue (a stimulant for menstrual blood flow). This makes chamomile useful for women experiencing menstrual cramping or irregular periods.

Chamomile Tea for Mothers

Chamomile tea can help mothers by providing several lactation benefits, notably providing vitamins and minerals to breast milk. The tea also serves as a galactagogue, a substance that increases lactation in humans and other animals. Such traits make chamomile a great tea for increased breast milk production rich in nutrients for newborns.

For new mothers, the condition known as colic can be incredibly frustrating, making newborns cry for up to three hours a day over a period of three to four months. Not a lot of information exists as to why or how certain newborns develop colic, though a clinical study showed that infants who had colic and were given chamomile tea got over the condition faster than those not given the tea.

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Further Considerations for Women

While Chamomile is a very safe and mild tea, women who are pregnant should avoid drinking it as some studies have shown that it can contribute to a higher likelihood of miscarriage. Additionally, chamomile may act in a manner similar to estrogen, so women with a history of hormone-centric diseases such as breast cancer and uterine cancer should consult a doctor prior to drinking chamomile tea. As the liver breaks down chamomile in the body, it may potentially interfere with medications also broken down in the liver, such as birth control.

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